What to do when your Cash App gets locked?

Post Date: 07-07-2020

There is no doubt that the Cash app is providing a seamless service to their users. But issues can happen anytime so need to be prepared for any type of issue with a Cash app. A rare issue that customers face with this application is the Cash app account locked.  Among various reasons, the most common reason for the Cash app locked account we have observed is the forgotten password.

It happens many times with everyone that they change the password and don’t remember the new one. So, you need to check it at your end before complaining. If you have changed your password recently then try to remember it. As you can easily unlock Cash app account by entering the new password.

Apart from this, there are various other reasons for a locked account. So, if your Cash app blocked account regardless of changing the password then you need to try troubleshooting. Below are some tips to troubleshooting your Cash app locked account.

  • Connect your device to a strong internet connection to use the Cash app unlock account. Wi-Fi connection is always preferable to operate a Cash app.
  • Use antivirus on your PC or mobile to improve the performance of the application.
  • Delete cookies and unwanted cache as slow down the performance of the device.
  • Always login to your account from the official Cash app website or application to protect your data.
  • Update your Cash app to the latest version. Engineers are working regularly on software to make the Cash app better. Hence there is a high possibility that your account has been locked due to the older app version. You can get information about the update on your apple play store or google play store.

How do I get into my old Cash App account?

It is the most stressful thing for mobile users when they lose their current registered phone numbers. Mobile applications need your contact number to register your identity especially money transferring applications like Cash app. So, you don’t have to stress about “how to unlock Cash app account?” if you have lost your phone number. you can access your old account by following steps without a phone number.

  • Register a new “Cash App” account.
  • Activate your “Cash Card” by providing your name, date of birth, and SSN.
  • Link the bank account to your Cash app account that was used in the old account.
  • Click on the “profile” symbol.
  • Click on the “Support” option.
  • Select “Something Else”.
  • Select “Can’t Access Account”
  • Click on the “Contact Support” and submit your request via email.
  • Once you submit your request, you will receive a mail from the Cash app team to verify your details about the new as well as the old account.
  • After verification, your account will be merged successfully.

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